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Napa Valley Hearth Showroom


Napa Valley Hearth has access to superior outdoor products. Due to Napa’s mild climate outdoor areas are usable most of the year. It does get cool at night, however, even with summer hot days. Outdoor fireplaces, firepits and heaters are great remedies for the cool night air and also create an incredible atmosphere at night. Outdoor products are available with a traditional look of logs or with a contemporary look with glass, stones, or shapes. Also available through Napa Valley Hearth are a complete line of customizable; water fountains, large scale planters and statuaries. Go outside and stay there.


Fireplaces are one product that Napa Valley Hearth provides for their customers. Due to wood burning restrictions in the San Francisco Bay Area Air Quality Management District fireplaces now being installed must be gas, electric or denatured alcohol. The majority of the fireplaces being installed are direct vent gas fireplaces. Direct vent means the air for combustion is sourced directly from outside the home. . There are many benefits of a direct vent flue system including flexibility of the venting system (roof or wall) and higher efficiency (not removing heated air from the home). Gas fireplaces come in many sizes and styles. Traditional fireplaces display logs whereas contemporary fireplaces have many media options including glass, stones, driftwood to name a few choices.

Earthquake Retrofit

Earthquake retrofit is a term to describe the replacement of a masonry (brick) fireplace chimney with a new metal chimney. During Earthquakes here in Napa, many fireplace chimneys have toppled, leaving the homeowner with costly repairs. By utilizing the existing fire box with a new gas insert and replacing the brick chimney with a metal chimney system actually costs less than replacing the entire chimney with bricks. There are still many chimneys in town that are damaged and need repairs.

Free Standing Stoves

Napa Valley Hearth has installed free standing stoves for the last 30 years. A free-standing stove is a great way to install a heating source in the home. Free standing stoves are offered in both contemporary and traditional styles. In the Napa Area, direct vent gas stoves are the most popular choice for residence. Direct vent free standing stoves venting systems can be routed through the ceiling to the roof or through an exterior wall. Many customers now are adapting a wood stove flue system to a direct vent free standing stove flue system. These customer have an existing wood stove, which has limited use due to the restrictions on wood burning. Installation of a new gas stove allows the home owner to utilize the existing area set up for a wood stove without the need to re-design the space. The existing flue is adapted for use with a gas stove, no need for additional penetrations through the roof or repairs to roof where once a wood flue stood.


Inserts are heater rated appliances that convert a standard inefficient wood burning fireplace to a great heat source for the home. Inserts are sized according to the size of the fireplace and the heating needs of the home. Inserts in this area, inserts utilize either gas or electricity due to wood burning restrictions Traditional Inserts display logs and Contemporary Inserts display glass, stones, driftwood, shapes or sometimes no media at all just a simple ribbon of fire. In Napa, there are many days where it is cool in the morning and hot in the afternoon. Tuning on a central heater system will heat every room in the home, but turning on a gas insert will heat the area where the fireplace is located and not heat every room that will soon need to be cooled because of the afternoon heat.